Common Questions

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Why Hop Fastpass?
When Hop Fastpass arrives in 2017, it will make riding easier, faster and more convenient — benefitting riders and operators.
What about monthly passes?
Savvy riders know that daily and monthly passes are the convenient and cost-effective way to commute. But making the most of a monthly pass can take planning, and there’s an upfront cost.

With Hop Fastpass, everyone will get the benefits of passes, and there’s no need to pay in advance. You’ll pay your way to a pass, one trip at a time.

Use it to pay for two 2½-Hour Tickets in a day and your fare will automatically be upgraded to a 1-Day Pass — for unlimited trips until the end of service.

And after riding twice a day for 20 days out of the month, the rest of your trips that month are free. (For frequent riders, that could mean big savings over the course of a year!)

With Hop Fastpass, you always get your money’s worth, and you won’t pay for a trip you don’t take.
Should I register?
Registering for Hop Fastpass will give you access to benefits like balance protection, in case you lose your card, and Auto-Load, which means you’ll never be stuck without fare.

Registration can be done online, using the mobile app or over the phone.
You’ll still take cash, right?
Absolutely. You’ll be able to purchase a Hop Fastpass card using cash at 500+ supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies, or at your agency’s ticket office. And if you don’t have a card, you’ll still be able to use cash on buses, streetcars and MAX ticket machines to buy tickets and day passes — just like today — but you’ll miss out on Hop Fastpass benefits like automatic reloading and paying your way toward a 1-Month Pass.

This means riders without a bank account can use Hop Fastpass, too — we’ll also provide cards to organizations that distribute fares to low-income and disadvantaged riders.
What about the TriMet Tickets app?
We’ll be introducing a new app that takes advantage of Hop Fastpass’ flexibility, letting you manage multiple cards, set up automatic reloading and protect your balance if you lose your card.

So everyone who loves using TriMet Tickets today will probably want to switch to the additional features and convenience of the new app. But if you need some time, don’t worry — you’ll still be able to use the old app when Hop Fastpass launches.
When do I need to tap my card?
You’ll need to tap your card or phone to the reader every time you board or transfer. Don’t worry, tapping doesn’t necessarily mean paying — Hop Fastpass won’t charge you if you have valid fare.
Can I see how much time remains on my ride?
You can see how much time is remaining on your ride on, using the Hop Fastpass app or over the phone. The green check you see when you tap to board and transfer means you're good to go (you won’t necessarily pay every time you tap).

And while we’ll start phasing out paper tickets in 2017, we’ll still have paper transfers on buses and ticket machines.
Will there be service charges?
Unlike many prepaid cards, we won’t charge any fees for using Hop Fastpass. However, there is a $5 minimum when loading value, except at the TriMet Tickets Office. There's also a $3 fee for the card itself, which will last up to 10 years. Replacement cards are also $3.
What if I get a pass from my employer?
Participating employers, agencies and schools will be able to provide employees, clients and students with Hop Fastpass cards. So if you’re used to getting a pass this way, the only change will be remembering to tap on each time you board.
How secure is this?
Hop Fastpass will work with contactless bank cards and services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Transit value isn’t stored on Hop Fastpass cards and can’t be read by unauthorized personnel — when you tap your card to the reader, a transaction is instantly sent to the central system and deducted from your account balance. Your bank and personal information is protected and more secure compared to using a traditional magnetic stripe card.

In your account you’ll also be able to see your data, including where you’ve tapped on. We’ll never sell this data — in fact, we worked to establish a new Oregon law protecting your transit account information.
For the early adopters
We want to test the system with a limited number of riders in 2017 — if you’re excited to give Hop Fastpass a try, sign up for email updates and we’ll keep you in the loop.
Good for groups
If you’re the head of the family or the leader of your group, we’ll make it easy to manage Hop Fastpass accounts for multiple riders. Just make sure everyone has their own card or ticket!