Let’s Bounce!

Hop Fastpass™ is your new ticket to ride TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar.

Rolling Into Stores July 2017!

Fred Meyer, Safeway, 7-11, Plaid Pantry

More Than a Smartcard.

Hop Fastpass is a new transit fare card that will make it faster and easier to ride the bus or train — simply tap on every time you board! Put money on your card anytime, anywhere (or set Auto-Load to do it for you) and earn passes as you ride.

How It Works:

Tap and Go

Simply touch your card to the reader every time you board or transfer, and you’re on your way! There will be readers at every MAX/WES/Vine* station, and on board every bus and streetcar.

* The Vine is C-TRAN’s new bus rapid transit line.
Learn More About Tapping
  Fast and easy
  No paper tickets or exact change required
  Works with Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay

Save as You Ride

Now everyone can get the savings of day and month passes, but without the commitment or the upfront cost. With Hop, you’ll pay your way to a pass, one trip at a time, and you’ll never pay for a trip you don’t take.

See How You Can Save
  Always get the best fare
  No upfront costs
  Savings for frequent riders

Reload Just About Anywhere

Load money on your card anywhere, anytime using the Hop website, app or phone hotline. Or add funds at any of the supermarkets, pharmacies or convenience stores in our growing retail network (more than 500 locations).

Learn More About Reloading
  500+ retail locations
  Automatic reloading available
  No bank account required
  Top up with cash at the store

Easy Account Management

Retail Stores
Transit Offices

You can quickly register your card and set up a funding source using our mobile-friendly website or app. (Or, just call us at our toll-free number and we’ll get you all set up.)

You can manage multiple cards at-a-glance for your family or a group, see a history of your recent trips and transactions, and deactivate/reactivate a lost or stolen card. And don’t forget to set up Auto-Load, so you’re never stuck without fare!

Common Questions

You’ll still take cash, right?

Absolutely. You’ll still be able to use cash on buses, streetcars and MAX ticket machines to buy tickets and day passes — just like today — but you’ll miss out on Hop benefits like automatic reloading and earning passes.

Do I need a bank account?

Nope! You can get a Hop card at any of the 500+ retailers in our network of supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies. You’ll also be able to top up your card at these stores using cash or a bank card. Additionally, we’ll provide cards to organizations that distribute fares to low-income and disadvantaged riders.

What if I get a pass from my employer?

Participating employers, agencies and schools will be able to provide employees, clients and students with Hop cards. So if you’re used to getting a pass this way, the only change will be remembering to tap on each time you board.

Will there be service charges?

Unlike many prepaid cards, we won’t charge any fees for using Hop. However, there’s a $3 fee for the card itself, which is designed to last up to 10 years. Replacement cards are also $3.